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I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to write.
I spent the summer of my eleventh year handwriting a novella about a girl and her horse. Recently, on a visit to my mother in Minnesota, I looked for that ancient manuscript, but it has been “misplaced” among boxes of childhood stuff. It would be interesting to see if I had any “voice” at all!

From the time I was a small child envisioning a beautiful princess riding a splendid horse on her way to meet a king, through teaching Mallory, Tennyson and T.H. White to high school sophomores, and finally to doing serious research on the non-fictional aspect of the Matter of Britain, I have always loved the Arthurian Legends. Did the main characters actually exist?

Please feel free to look around. There's plenty to see. My various publications can be found under the Books section on the left.  Also, you can find Reviews and even a Guide to some of the English names I use under the Misc section.

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