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Camelot’s Destiny
List of Characters
ACCOLON:  Lover of Morgana
AELLE:  Saxon king of the Weald who made peace with Uther. 
AESC: Saxon king of Kent who looks for war.
AGRAVAINE:  Son of Morgawse who is bitter and resentful.
AGRICOLA:  Military commander over Demetia
ARGANTE:  Daughter of Nimue and Arthur.
ARTHUR:  Bastard son of High King Uther Pendragon and Queen Ygraine of Tintagel.  Remaining true to his vision of peace and justice for all will always take precedence over everything.
AVALLACH:  The mist-shrouded holy isle of the Lake on which the Tor stands.
AVALON:  The land of healing in the heart of Faerie that is hidden to humans.  
BAN:  King of Benoic in Armorica.  He and his brother aided both Uther and Arthur.
BEDWYR:  Older brother of Gwenhwyfar and dedicated to Arthur. 
BORS:  Bor’s first-born son, cousin to Lancelot.  He has a love of the sea.
CAI:  Foster brother of Arthur and seneschal of Camelot.  Devoted to Arthur and Gwenhwyfar.
CERDIC:  Half-Briton, half-Saxon mercenary whom Uther hired to protect the southern ports from raiders. 
CISSA:  Son of Aelle who opposes Arthur. 
CLOVIS:  King of the Franks
CUSTENNIN:  Son of Marc, eventually will be named Arthur’s heir.
CYNRIC:  Cerdic’s son, taken as hostage against his father’s raids.  Easy-going and a lady’s man.
DYONAS:  Lady of the Forest.  She raises both Nimue and Peredur.
ECTOR:  Lancelot’s brother who rules Benoic.
ELAINE OF CARBONEK: Daughter of King Pelles and cousin of Gwenhwyfar.  Her mother and Gwenhwyfar’s were twins.  She is a scheming woman who wants to marry Lancelot.
ELEN OF ASTOLAT: The young, innocent girl who nurtures Lancelot back to health and falls in love with him.
EORMENRIC:  Son of Aesc who is bloodthirsty.
FERGUS MOR: A Scotti warlord who defends the Highlands.
GALAHAD:  Son of Elaine’s seduction of Lancelot.  As a child, he is terrified of Lancelot; he has a vision of the Holy Grail.
GAHERIS:  Second oldest son of Morgawse. 
GARETH:  Youngest son of Morgawse.  Worships Lancelot.
GRYFLET:  One of Arthur’s captains who is second-in-command at Camelot.
GWALCHMAI:  Oldest son of Morgawse and fiercely loyal to Arthur.  A charmer and a gentleman.
GWENHWYFAR:  The woman who leaves Lancelot to accompany and heal Arthur.  She is stranded in the land of Faerie and Lancelot must rescue her.
HOEL:  Amorican king who came to Britain with Uther and his brother, Ambrosius.
HUEIL: Rebel son of Cunneda who refused to leave Pictland.
ISEULT:  Eire princess betrothed to King Marc, but falls in love with Tristan. Friends with Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar.
LANCELOT:  The part-fey prince of the Lady of the Black Lake and King Ban of Benoic.  He is destined to love Gwenhwyfar.
LEODEGRANCE:  Owner of the Roman villa and holdings of Cameliard.  Father to Gwenhwyfar.
LIONEL: Bor’s younger son, cousin to Lancelot.
MAELGWYN:  Half-brother to Morgana and Morgawse by their father, Gorlois.  He has lands adjacent to Camelot and lusts after Gwenhwyfar.
MARC:  King of Kernow and an ally of Arthur’s.  Married to Iseult.
MEDRAUT:  Son of Morgana and Arthur.  He is obsessively infatuated with Gwenhwyfar and insanely jealous of Lancelot.
MORGAN LE FEY: Queen of Faerie whose lands surround the divine Avalon.
MORGANA:  Arthur’s half-sister who uses men for her own means and practices the Black Arts.  She seduces Arthur on Beltane, not knowing he is her brother.  Uther marries her off to King Uriens of Rheged.
MORGAWSE:  Older half-sister to Arthur, widow of King Lot of Lothian, and lover of Lamorak. 
MYRDDIN:  The arch-druid who is Arthur’s counselor.  A troublesome faerie hovers around him.
NIMUE:  The priestess who performs the Great Rite with Arthur at his Kingmaking.  Will one day become Lady of the Lake
NINIANE:  Lancelot’s mother and sister to Vivian, the Lady of the Lake in Britain.  She performs the Great Rite of marrying King Ban to the land and begets Lancelot as a result.
PALOMIDES:  Arthur’s Saracen Master of Horse.
PELLES:  Father of Elaine and the Fisher King whose lands are waste because he carries a wound that will not heal.
PELLINORE:  Brother of Pelles and father to Lamorak and Peredur.
PEREDUR:  The naïve son of Pellinore who was raised by the Woman of the Forest, ignorant of warrior life.  He will also see the vision of the Holy Grail.
TRISTAN:  Nephew of King Marc of Kernow (Cornwall), lover of Isuelt and friends with Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar.
URIENS:  King of Rheged and married to Morgana.
YGRAINE:  Arthur’s mother, married to Gorlois and then to Uther.
VIVIAN:  The Lady of the Lake at Avallach.

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