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Camelot Series:
Prelude to Camelot:

This is a look at the Arthurian legend when the principals involved are quite young and Uther Pendragon yet lives. Fans of the legend of King Arthur should enjoy the interesting twists.

Romantic Times


It is evident that Ms. Breeding has studied Arthurian lore and loves her subject because she breathes life into her characters. This story contains magic and magical creatures, many battles and lusty men and women. Be warned that this book is not for the faint of heart.

Mystique Books


I absolutely love Grail Lore stories, but you don’t often see author with the passion, imagination and love for details as you do with Cynthia Breeding. You simply forget you are reading a much-told tale as Breeding makes this series fresh. Walking that razor’s edge is hard to do, but she dances along that edge with light and magic.

ParaNormal Romance

Top Pick, July, 2009


Cynthia Breeding tells the story of the happier days of the Arthurian world, when optimism and hope prevail and yet she interweaves an ominous thread that gives the story more power and emotion…she does an excellent job of framing this story to build up to a breathtaking conclusion. Quite simply, this work is special and truly inspired.

Merrimon Books


Camelot’s Destiny:

For those who thought they’d read everything about Camelot and its legendary threesome, this newest can’t be missed…This book will remain on the favorite shelf.

Romantic Times


While I caution you to have a box of tissue handy, this extremely emotional and beautifully conceived story is one I highly recommend! I look forward to seeing much more from this very talented and capable author.

CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

Well-written fantasy by a very talented author.

Kat Martin, NYT best-selling author


Fate of Camelot:

This is a well-researched, unique take on the Arthurian legend. Camelot enthusiasts will enjoy the strong Lancelot storyline, which focuses on Lancelot and Gwenhywfar’s romance and the search for the Holy Grail.

Romantic Times

The innovative blending of history and fiction makes this story feel like it truly could have occurred. Ms. Breeding has a knack for creating stories where the line between real and imagined seems to disappear…Fate of Camelot is packed with adventures, passion, unerring optimism and the mystical.

Single Titles

So strong is Cynthia Breeding’s writing that you forget the lore we know by rote and follow her into these tales so vivid in their world-building, romance, sensuality and magic. Highly recommended for lovers of ancient history and Grail lore.

ParaNormal Romance

Top pick, August 2008


This is an extremely complex story…I enjoyed the thread linking Paganism and Christianity. While the legend of Camelot is familiar, Ms. Breeding takes you beyond.

Coffee Time Romances


Cynthia Breeding’s Fate of Camelot focuses on the later days of Camelot: the Grail Quest and King Arthur’s healing at Avalon. Ms. Breeding reshapes the medieval Arthurian texts by returning to the texts themselves, history, as well as modern scholarship and presents a vision of the more mysterious aspects of the Arthurian legends. A treat for medieval Arthurian junkies!

Merrimon Books


Camelot’s Enchantment

Camelot’s Enchantment is not a retelling of the story as we know it. Instead, it extends the story into the land of Faerie in such a way that seems tangible. We get to know Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar as well as the Faerie queen, Morgan, and her demigod consort, Cernunnos. Anyone who loves reading stories of Arthur, Gwenhwyfar and Lancelot will love this book.

Janice, San Antonio Romance Authors

Cynthia Breeding once again transports readers to another realm where fairies rule and legends live on.  It's a thrilling world where the Queen of Fairie learns the truth about love and two souls set upon a magical journey that begins with the unfurling of a long-awaited prophecy.
                                                                                          RT Reviews

The intrigue of gods, Faerie, and mortals leap from the eternal land of Faerie to modern times. Camelot’s Enchantment is a highly original and captivating tale.

Joy Nash, USA TODAY bestselling author 
My Noble Knight
Readers who enjoy the Arthurian legend, tender romance and an intricate plot will have a pleasant time reading this tale of love. Faith V. Smith,Romantic Times


My Noble Knight is a stirring romance with enough erotic action to heat up a reader’s temperature. This reader has read two books by Ms. Breeding and each one has been a wondrous adventure. Susan T. Fallen Angels Reviews


A sweeping saga, this book kept me rooted to my seat and further immersed in the story with each turn of the page. Toasting this fine author, I raise my chalice high in hopes to see more of her work in the future! Natasha S. Romance Junkies


History comes to life… Readers can look forward to many hot and steamy scenes as men and women come together. This highly imaginative, creative story is filled with magic and this fantasy aspect adds to the readers’ enjoyment. Anita, The Romance Studio.


As the author built the sexual tension between our two young lovers, she gives the readers an even more passionate and hotly sensual read with the secondary love affair between the hero’s father and his lover…a complex thread woven throughout that surprised me with a terrific twist at the end of the story! My lips are sealed … a very sensually entertaining book. Marilyn R. CK Kwips and Kritiques


A well-written book sprinkled with a fanciful dash of desire to see Camelot become real, complete with a knight in shining armor. The love scenes are smoking hot so keep a cool glass of lemonade nearby! Robyn R. Once Upon A Romance


The love scenes are romantic and light up the pages; beautiful and poignant at the same time. Fast paced, action-packed, and rich in historical detail, My Noble Knight is a fine example of Medieval romance. Lettitia, Historical Romance Writers


The love which Cynthia Breeding has for the Arthurian legends is very apparent from the way she interweaves this controversial myth into a touching love story. With story-telling prowess, Ms. Breeding beautifully tells the love story about a strong-will heroine and a gallant hero. Amelia R.SingleTitles


My Noble Knight is action-packed, filled with political intrigue and contains some steamy love scenes. The ending comes as a total surprise and puts a unique spin on the entire book. Marlene B. Mystique Books


This book has it all. A touch of the Camelot myth, a dash of mystique and a great deal of creativity and you have the makings of a wonderfully engrossing read. I look forward to more stories from this very talented writer. Kristi A. Top 100 Reviewer: Amazon


Cynthia Breeding unveils the cure to the common heroine. Tamra, SARA, RWA chapter

Immortal Knights, Book I:  Search for the Spear
Lucas Ramsey is an immortal who can shift into a wolf.  Working as a Scotland Yard detective he comes to Dallas in search of his old enemy, the demonic Adam Baylor.  What Lucas doesn’t expect to find is the beautiful Sara Kincaid, descendent of long line of witches.
                                                                        Rocky, Bitten By Books
Immortal Knights, Book II:  Sword of Fire
(coming soon)
Single-author Anthologies:
Lochs and Lasses
Each story in this collection is a romantic and wild ride readers will love.  The by-play between each couple will have you wishing the story would never end.
                                                                          RT Reviews
Whether you prefer your Highland Warriors marauding through the lush hills of Scotland, time-traveling to rescue damsels, or sprouting fangs for eternal love, Lochs and Lasses delivers.
                                                                        Jamie, San Antonio Romance Authors
Breeding’s love of the medieval world of Scotland shines in all the tales.  This book would make a delightful companion to curl up with on the beach, plane, or on your couch in the afternoon.  I couldn’t put it down.
                                                                        Ann Major, USA TODAY bestselling author
The Last Pirates
Jean Lafitte is in his heyday and three of his fellow pirates meet their matches in these interwoven tales of ballrooms, bayous, and bounty.  The addition of historical characters and surroundings lends substance to the fiction.
                                                                                      RT Reviews
Historical facts and notable individuals are skillfully woven into compelling fictional romance and every second seems as though it most likely did occur as stated.  Cynthia Breeding has a gift for making her stories come across as authentic.  The Last Pirates lets the reader experience history through factual events entwined with cleverly-imagined developments.
                                                                                     Single Titles
I loved it!  Curl up with three dashing, sexy pirates and three daring women in three delightful romances.  ‘The Last Pirates” makes for great reading.  You’ll be wanting more from Cynthia Breeding—I know I will!
                                                               Sandra Madden, USA TODAY bestselling author

There three stories are exciting and the heroines embark on adventures which truly test their mettle.  Jean Lafitte’s privateers are devastating to a young heroine’s heart.

The historical aspect takes the reader back to the time when pirates and privateers sailed the high seas, but the writer does not overload the book with information dumps.
I highly recommend this book.

                                                                                   Lupe, San Antonio Romance Writers

Court of Love
(coming soon)
Night Breed  (story:  Night Prey)
I found Ariel to be cocky and stubborn at times, but her almost uncontrollable infatuation with Alexandre was sultry and steamy  and simply sexy.  A great story worth reading more than once.
                                                                        Talia, Joyfully Reviewed
Second Time Around  (story:  Winds of Destiny)
A wonderful romp.  These authors hit the nail on the head in their forays into mysterious realms where people go bump in the night.
                                                                        RT Reviews
As far as romance anthologies go, this one had several stories that will stay with me a long time.  The key to great storylines is the unforeseen occurrences that can alter and change a reader’s perspective by the end of the story.
                                                                        Lydia, Night Owl Reviews
Cynthia Breeding incorporates a story that kept this reader tuned to every page, anxious to learn what would happen next with Katherine and Michael.
                                                                        Cherokee, Coffee Time Romances
Winds of Destiny tells of reconnection and rekindling of love that still burns.  I really enjoyed this story.
                                                                        Charlotte, Paranormal Romance
Dance of Manners  (story:  Enchanted Journey)
Five appealing stories set in Regency Times with delightful characters and interesting plots.         
                                                                        RT Reviews
Capture Her Heart
Cynthia Breeding has written such an interesting tale…sometimes things aren’t always as they seem and sometimes a little revenge can turn into much more.  This is a fun, sexy read which I would highly recommend.
                                                                        Sandra, The Romance Studio
Capture Her Heart is a great read for anyone who loves Scottish heroes, strong heroines and a love for stories set at sea.
                                                                        Ashley, Fallen Angel Reviews
Adair and Kaitlin are electrifying.  I couldn’t wait to turn the pages to discover which of them would win the next round.  The sexual tension was thicker that natural peanut butter and I enjoyed every moment of it.
                                                                        Amethyst, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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